Have you been considering a straightening solution for your teeth? If so, Invisalign braces might be just what you’re looking for. At Valley Ridge Dental in Lake Elmo, we specialize in gentle, effective cosmetic dentistry, including providing Invisalign braces for teens and adults, alike.


Read on in today’s blog from the Invisalign braces specialists at Valley Ridge Dental in Lake Elmo, or schedule an appointment with us today to see if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign

Invisalign Is Discreet

At Valley Ridge Dental, we love to see people smile proudly and confidently, but we also understand that not everyone feels sure about their smile. For many people who find themselves feeling self-conscious about their teeth in social situations, at work, and with loved ones, traditional braces can seem like adding a magnifying glass to a feature they’d prefer to keep hidden.


Invisalign offers a streamlined, discreet option that doesn’t draw much attention if any at all. For this reason alone it makes a great option for lots of teens and adults. However, being discreet is by far and away not the only benefit to choosing Invisalign braces from Valley Ridge Dental.

Invisalign Is Comfortable

Compared to traditional braces, which have a tendency to cause mild to moderate mouth pain for a few days after they are tightened, and can result in raw lips and gums from pokey mounts and wires, Invisalign offers a much more comfortable solution. 

Invisalign’s smooth textured surfaces will prevent lip and gum irritation from occurring, and unlike traditional braces, if you’re feeling discomfort from a new set, you can take them out to provide some relief before placing them back in.

Invisalign Corrects Many Different Issues

Invisalign works effectively to treat and correct many dental cases, including all of the following:


  • Crowded Teeth – The condition known as crowded teeth occurs when there just isn’t enough room in your mouth for your teeth to come in straight and naturally. Lots of people deal with this to some degree. Instead, teeth can overlap, shift sideways, or in some severe cases, fully overlap one another. 
  • Overbite – Overbite is another common type of cosmetic dentistry concern that we see regularly here at Valley Ridge Dental. When your upper teeth extend past your lower teeth, you have an overbite. Severe overbites can cause jaw and mouth pain but are typically correctable with Invisalign braces.
  • Underbite – The opposite of the overbite, an underbite is when your lower teeth protrude out past your upper teeth.  Underbites can be the results of an overextended jaw bone and can cause wear on your front upper teeth, speech difficulties, and chewing pain. A severe case of underbite may require multiple treatment types or even surgery.
  • Crossbite – Crossbite is a condition where your upper teeth sit inside of, rather than outside of, your lower teeth. This can cause stress on your teeth that lead to receding gums, but can typically be addressed with Invisalign braces.

Invisalign is Easy To Care For

Invisalign braces are extremely easy to care for. You take them out whenever you clean your teeth, and they can be gently cleaned at this time, too. Best of all, you’ll get new Invisalign braces every so often, so your old ones will be gone before they can have a chance to get dirty or worn.

Invisalign Works Fast

Traditional braces often take years to help you achieve the smile you are looking for. By contrast, noticeable and lasting results can be seen with Invisalign braces in as little as three to six months.

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