tips for invisalign valley ridge dental lake elmo

While Invisalign braces are necessary, they aren’t exactly fun to live with. After all, you have to wear aligners, or retainers, for most of the day, which can take getting used to. Yet, Invisalign is a great way to straighten your teeth in a relatively short amount of time, depending on your cosmetic dentistry needs and look desired.

Valley Ridge Dental in Lake Elmo is a family dentistry practice that offers Invisalign braces to those who need their teeth straightened, either for aesthetics or for dental reasons. We also offer general, restorative, and other cosmetic dentistry services, such as teeth whitening. Below, we’ll offer practical advice for those with Invisalign braces. Contact us today to get started!


Yes, You Have to Wear Them

Many people love Invisalign braces because they are removable, as opposed to traditional braces that are not. However, this is a Catch-22 because if you don’t wear them, they won’t work. Having removable braces definitely makes life easier, like the fact you can eat whatever you want to eat and you’ll never get food stuck in your Invisalign braces. However, if you forget to wear them (especially in the beginning), you will be wasting your money because they won’t work.

Clean Your Invisalign Aligners Thoroughly

Just like you brush your teeth every morning, you’ll want to brush your Invisalign aligners as well. This helps to get rid of any bacteria buildup you might have had during the night. When you remove them, you need to rinse them. You’ll need to ensure you always brush and floss your teeth after you eat. If you don’t you could be inadvertently trapping in food particles that could cause cavities down the road. Plus, Valley Ridge Dental in Lake Elmo recommends that you soak your aligners every night with either a denture cleaner or Invisalign cleaning crystals. Then you can brush them off as well. This will help to ensure your Invisalign aligners stay clean.

Store Your Invisalign Trays in a Carrying Case

Your Invisalign aligners came in a carrying case. In those rare times where you remove your Invisalign retainers for a while, such as for a job interview, you’ll want to be sure you keep them clean and that you don’t lose them (which, trust us, happens a lot). In addition, bacteria can buildup on them while they are just lying around.


Valley Ridge Dental in Lake Elmo offers high-quality dentistry for the entire family. We make sure that all of your dental needs are taken care of. Thorough exams are performed each and every time you visit us, as we check for any changes in your teeth or any signs of gum disease and the like. We aim to offer you a wide variety of dental services so that it’s easier on you. From Invisalign braces to teeth whitening, TMJ therapy, dental implants, and much more, our caring and compassionate team works diligently to meet your needs. Contact us today!