Here at Valley Ridge Dental, we’re 100% committed to providing our patients with a gentle, effective, and friendly dentist appointment each and every time they visit us. The way that we do this is through ongoing training, making use of the best and safest dental practices, and using new technology to produce better outcomes.


In today’s blog from your local Lake Elmo dentist, we’ll take a look at how Valley Ridge Dental is using the iTero dental scanning system to meet our patients’ needs more comfortably and effectively than ever before.


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Accurate, Reliable 3D Imaging

The iTero dental scanning system is a genius system that uses a “dental wand” to scan the inside of your mouth quickly by taking thousands of images and compiling them into an accurate 3D rendering of your mouth and teeth.


iTero produces results in almost real-time, so if for some reason the scan doesn’t pick up a portion of your mouth, rescanning only takes minutes and can be done without you needing to schedule a follow-up appointment with the dentist.

A More Pleasant Patient Experience

Compared to pasty-tasting molds and putties that leave to scrambling to get the taste out of your mouth as quickly as possible, iTero scanning is flavorless, and with a small “wand”, is much less likely to engage your gag reflex than molds or putties are. It’s also much more comfortable for patients with small mouths.

Projected Outcomes You Can See

When iTero dental scan data is placed into the Invisalign Outcome Simulator, you can watch with enjoyment and anticipation as your new smile — the outcomes you are working towards — are shown to you. What better way to feel confident in the results of your cosmetic dentistry investment?


Safe Updates And Adjustments

Because the iTero dental scanning solution doesn’t use potentially harmful X-rays, 2D scanning, or unreliable molds, the iTero scanner can be used time and time again to track the real progress of your dental treatment program, give you accurate updates, and make important adjustments along the way without putting you at risk.

More Effective Treatment Solutions

With the accuracy and clarity of information that iTero dental scanning provides your dentist with, you can expect your Invisalign braces to fit perfectly each and every time you get a new set, making for a more comfortable and more effective dental treatment solution.

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