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I'm nervous. How do you handle dental anxiety?

We try to keep our environment relaxed and personal. Treatment is tailored to each individual's needs, and we take the time to get to know our patients so that they feel comfortable and confident in their provider. If someone needs a little extra TLC, we make sure we have the time set aside to do that.

Our in-office amenities are also designed to keep our patients happy and calm. These include aromatherapy and paraffin hand wax treatments to help you relax. To keep you distracted and entertained while you are in the treatment room, we offer Netflix and music.

We can talk to you about anesthesia options before treatment to ensure you are completely comfortable. For those patients who are particularly anxious, we are able to provide nitrous oxide—also called laughing gas—to help you relax. Nitrous oxide is breathed in through a mask similar to the way oxygen is administered. Its effects are mild, and you will still be fully conscious and able to speak to Dr. Daniels and the rest of our team during treatment.

Because nitrous oxide exits the body almost immediately once we remove the mask, you will be able to drive yourself back to work or home after treatment.

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