Your First Visit

Whatever the reason for your first appointment at Valley Ridge Dental, you will always be greeted when you walk in by one of our friendly team members.

Paperwork is generally the first order of business, and if you have filled out our new patient registration form already, you can turn that in along with your insurance card. You can also fill in the form at your first appointment. Be sure to arrive a few minutes early!

Most of our patients see us the first time for a routine examination and cleaning. We may also want to take x-rays at this time; Dr. Katie Daniels will let you know her recommendations.

What You Should Bring to Your First Appointment

In addition to the new patient registration form and your insurance card, please have the following items and information with you.

  • X-rays. If you have had x-rays taken by another dentist in the past year, you can arrange for those to be sent directly to our office. You can also pick those up and bring them to your appointment.
  • Medications. If you are taking any medications, please bring a list of all of them. Include the name of the medication as well as how much you are taking each day.
  • Medical conditions. If you have medical conditions, be sure to make Dr. Daniels aware of those. Let us know if you have any allergies.

Teeth Cleaning and Examination

Before cleaning your teeth, our gentle hygienists will first evaluate your teeth and gums and take any needed x-rays. You can sit back and relax to your favorite Pandora station or Netflix program during treatment.

If you feel anxious about getting your teeth cleaned, please mention this to us ahead of time. We are happy to provide a bit of extra TLC to those patients who need it, as well as nitrous oxide to those who are extremely anxious.

After your cleaning, the hygienist will go over proper brushing and flossing techniques, and find out if you have any questions. Then Dr. Daniels will conduct an examination and review of your x-rays. If any dental issues are discovered, she will go over those with you as well as talk about recommended treatments.

Rest assured that there will be plenty of time if you have questions about your oral health. We never want you to feel rushed! We want you to have whatever information you need to make good decisions about treatment.


When you check out after your appointment, you will have the opportunity to make your next appointment at our Lake Elmo office for another examination and cleaning in six months or for any needed treatment.